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Welcome To my Editing Haven!

“To everyone and everything it may concern,

             You’re reading this letter because you’re considering Alexis Torres for a position. Do you like diligent workers that are always looking to go above and beyond? Do you like warm smiles and positive personalities that enrich the work environment? Well, what a coincidence, because Alexis Torres is the living embodiment of all that great stuff and she wants to improve your company with her existence! Alexis was a Production Assistant at DeFranco Creative and worked directly with me at SourceFed, so I can relay to you with 100% certainty that her enthusiasm and positivity were always evident. Her daily tasks were swiftly completed and she would consistently try to find ways to do more than the status quo inherent in her position at the company. Plus, added bonus, she always did these things with a smile. You can’t ask for more from someone. Stop reading right now and hire her.”

-Joe Bereta,  Youtube Talent for Defranco Creative INC


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